FSB Alumni

In order to continue the mission of ” Constructivism to the future Viet Business”, FSB will accompany its alumni in further enhancing and sharing globally updated advanced management knowledge.

With over 5,000 alumni from postgraduate programs and tens of thousands of participants from various short-term training programs, the FSB Alumni Club will serve as a point of connection for alumni, ensuring seamless communication between alumni and their alma mater through various means and channels. The activities of the FSB Alumni Club will be manifested through events, seminars, meetings, as well as knowledge updates and consultations, or simply providing regular and continuous information about the university. It is hoped that the FSB Alumni Club will bring FSB alumni together, fostering collaboration and sharing, supporting each other’s experiences towards mutual success, and reminiscing about their alma mater. We will nurture and develop these relationships for a lifetime, benefiting both current students and alumni, alumni with alumni, alumni with the university, and above all, collectively fulfilling our lofty mission!