“Each employee in the company is a leader without a title” – Vice President Hoang Nam Tien


The seminar on “The application of people’s war in the business strategy” for leaders and managers of Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Japan) took place successfully on March 2, 2024 at FPT Tower, Hanoi.

Mitani Sangyo is a Japanese trading and technical conglomerate with a history of over 90 years. It currently has 20 subsidiary companies in Japan and 7 subsidiary companies operating in Vietnam, employing a total of 4,800 employees. The company is involved in various fields such as the production and trading of chemicals, functional foods, automobile component manufacturing, information technology, software development, human resources management, and operations.

Aligning with the theme of the seminar, speaker Hoang Nam Tien, Vice President at FPT University, shared the strategies his ancestors applied in battles against foreign invaders and how these strategies can be applied to the operation of businesses.

Notably, the seminar had Japanese attendees who were highly interested in the content shared by the speaker. It is hoped that leaders and managers of Mitani Sangyo will gain valuable knowledge to apply in their company.