FSB and Michigan State University launched Customer Experience Management (CXM) course in Vietnam


The Customer Experience Management (CXM) course is the latest advanced academic offering from The FPT School of Business & Technology (FSB) in collaboration with Michigan State University (MSU). Upon completion of the program, participants will receive an international certificate from MSU.

Michigan State University is a world leader in Customer Experience Management education, known for its practical application of knowledge. According to US News, MSU ranks in the Top 40 in the United States and holds the 105th position among the top 1,000 universities worldwide (Times Higher Education).

On May 18, 2024, FSB and MSU officially launched the advanced international certificate program in Customer Experience Management, with a large number of participants from across the country. This marks the third official collaboration between the two schools since 2021.

With a faculty composed of leading international experts and entrepreneurs, the CXM course at FSB promises to deliver incredibly engaging and beneficial knowledge experiences for participants. Customer experience is a crucial factor for business success. Managing customer experience not only ensures customer satisfaction but also boosts revenue and helps maintain good relationships with potential clients.

The CXM – Customer Experience Management course at FSB is ready to help businesses embark on a new, energetic development journey.

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