Seft Management for Success Course (SMS)


Every true success has its roots, and the deepest root is within us. It is no coincidence that Confucius said “cultivate the body, keep the family, rule the country, and pacify the world”, with “cultivate the body” at the top, showing that before being able to govern anyone, even a small group of people, a family, a company or the whole world, the first thing is to manage yourself. The military method of Sun Tzu also pointed out, “Knowing others and knowing me, in a hundred battles, there is no danger… without knowing people, without knowing me, every battle is defeated.”

On the basis of Eastern knowledge combined with advanced scientific achievements, this subject provides basic knowledge and practical skills for students to recognize mind and emotions, progress to self-mastery. The course also provides practical measures to optimize health through correct nutrition, moderate exercise, and stress management, towards proactive health care, maximizing work efficiency, improving IQ, EQ, live healthier, more successful and happier.

“Know people” to manage human resources and organizations. “Know me” to manage yourself. These three fields form a close link in management studies. The SMS course lays the foundation for your success, based on:

Understanding the brain, practices to improve brain performance, simple yet useful techniques to dramatically improve IQ and EQ.

Understanding the working mechanism of the body, thereby practicing to improve health through smart nutrition, reasonable rest, exercise, and proactive health care.

Understanding the connection between body and mind: The West often separates body and mind, but the East always considers body and mind in an indivisible relationship and mutual influence. Therefore, in order to maximize our ability to manage ourselves, we must always control both body and mind at the same time.

These are the knowledge and skills you need to help you develop your potential for success, whether it’s finding a better job, starting a successful business, or becoming the CEO of a growing company. The course also offers practical measures to help you manage stress, live a healthy life, for better succeed and well-being.

To best achieve the course objectives, teaching methods and activities are flexibly used, such as lecturing, in-session practice, self-practice, group discussion, case studies, and presentation. In addition, during the learning process, lecturers can use various methods to best achieve the teaching goals.

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