Top 100 FPT 2023: Dr. Tran Quang huy – The Dedicated Educator Of Business


With a track record ensuring the quality of the program, contributing to a remarkable 84% revenue growth in 2023 compared to 2022, Dr. Tran Quang Huy – Lecturer at the FPT School of Business and Technology (FSB), and Director of the Global MiniMBA program, has been honored by the FPT Corporation in the TOP 100 OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUALS category for 2023.

Possessing specific expertise in the field of corporate training and human resource management consultancy, Dr. Tran Quang Huy faced a significant challenge when taking on the mission at the FPT School of Business and Technology (FSB) with the goal of “affirming the brand and sharing the values of the FPT Corporation with the business community through training programs at FSB.” FSB was previously recognized as the Best Business School in Vietnam in 2020 by the global education ranking organization Eduniversal. In order to excel further, Dr. Huy fearlessly embraced the challenge, embarking on a journey to elevate FSB beyond its own shadow with 200% passion and energy.

He provided rigorous guidance on implementing technology in the deployment of the corporation’s innovative learning methods. The EduNext system was put into operation to facilitate efficient information exchange with students, along with popular and interactive learning applications such as Quizzi and Menti.

Dr. Huy also initiated the “Learning goes with action – Transfer of learning” (“Học đi đôi với hành động – Chuyển giao học tập”) group on Facebook for external students and on Workplace for students enrolled in programs at FSB. This platform serves as a forum to discuss challenges in applying knowledge to their work, with hundreds of students finding it beneficial.

Not only excelling in his leadership role, but Dr. Tran Quang Huy is also a teacher with heart, vision, and talent. Alongside his scientific research activities, his teaching sessions have received positive feedback, with a Teaching Grade Point Average (GPA) at 4.8/5.0 for nearly 200 sessions. With this achievement, he was honored by the FPT Education as the “Outstanding Educator of the Year 2023.”

Before each course, he diligently studies the “portrait of students” to understand their expectations, thereby directing their needs and motivating them from the first lesson. Classes are conducted in the form of real-world situation discussions in students’ business environments, enhancing the practicality of the lectures and exposing himself to diverse new knowledge.

“Through these classes, I have the opportunity to exchange and share the culture and values of the FPT Corporation with students, making them interested and convinced that choosing FPT for their education is the right decision,” said Dr. Tran Quang Huy.

In any role, he is highly praised for his sense of responsibility and friendly attitude. This characteristic is not limited to his professional life but is also reflected in all aspects of his life, providing Dr. Huy with positive energy and inspiration for others.

After years of working in higher education institutions, the life philosophy that the male leader pursues is clear from two perspectives: “Learning and development” and “Collaboration and responsibility.” He consistently encourages himself and those around him to enhance knowledge from various sources, promote a spirit of collaboration and teamwork. Responsibility is also a factor influencing all his decisions.

In 2024, he aims to ensure and enhance the quality of postgraduate and short-term training programs for businesses at FSB. Additionally, he and his team are determined to expand the scale of implementing FPT’s high-quality training programs to numerous businesses; aggressively apply artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies in corporate training activities to spread the corporation’s values; and support the development of the business community in provinces across the country.

Once again, congratulations to Dr. Tran Quang Huy for achieving the TOP 100 OUTSTANDING OFFICIALS of FPT Corporation. The FPT Education, in general, and FSB, in particular, are extremely honored and proud to have him as an indispensable factor for shining in 2023.